Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm back!!

Last week really pretty busy..but at last, presentation for health care is over!!!No matter how was my presentation, the fact is that, it's OVER!!!No point to think of it again and again~~

Well, finished presentation, the whole gang decided had 瓦煲鸡饭 as our dinner. This is my second time visit to that restaurant, erm, not to say it as restaurant la, just a simple food stall, but the food there is not simple at all!!very nice~~some more the 好吃! tv show also been promote the food there before. But cannot go there everyday also la, since it is quite far from the hostel..But for today, it's just a small small celebration~~^^

*This is my presentation group members*
*yoong hwa, darren, sei lee and me*

Last week finally can go back home!!Although only for 2 and a half days, but it was enough for me ady!!because i can have a break, recharge myself, and move towards to the higher level again!!Staying at home for these days, i had ate a lot, ha, my sis can be the witness as well!!i'm seem like already had a long long starvation time. Once i saw the food, then i can eat non stop..^^All food never taste good before but now all become delicious~~And Sunday really did nothing, lepak here and there...^^

Really sleepy now~~
want to do my report now!

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