Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm back!!

Last week really pretty busy..but at last, presentation for health care is over!!!No matter how was my presentation, the fact is that, it's OVER!!!No point to think of it again and again~~

Well, finished presentation, the whole gang decided had 瓦煲鸡饭 as our dinner. This is my second time visit to that restaurant, erm, not to say it as restaurant la, just a simple food stall, but the food there is not simple at all!!very nice~~some more the 好吃! tv show also been promote the food there before. But cannot go there everyday also la, since it is quite far from the hostel..But for today, it's just a small small celebration~~^^

*This is my presentation group members*
*yoong hwa, darren, sei lee and me*

Last week finally can go back home!!Although only for 2 and a half days, but it was enough for me ady!!because i can have a break, recharge myself, and move towards to the higher level again!!Staying at home for these days, i had ate a lot, ha, my sis can be the witness as well!!i'm seem like already had a long long starvation time. Once i saw the food, then i can eat non stop..^^All food never taste good before but now all become delicious~~And Sunday really did nothing, lepak here and there...^^

Really sleepy now~~
want to do my report now!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Delivery~~fast fast fast!!!!

5 weeks are gone!
and i decide not to back to tampin tomorrow as H1N1 is getting more serious. staying here for another week..2 weekends been here. BORING!!! Everyday eat outside food, quite bored to it ady..but, what to do??haiz...wish can move out next sem, with hostel gang, then i can cook ady..whatever also can,as long as stop from eating outside food for a moment!!

Planning what to do in this coming weekend, which is tomorrow..Any suggestions??Cannot go else where...except HOSTEL!!! haiz...study lo..microbiology..will have a quiz next friday...suddenly have quiz, really dun know wat to do..5 chapters. ONLY???all need to memorise..if fail then i can say byebye to my final examination. So, PLEASE DON'T FAIL ME!!!^^

So hungry now...wish to have home made dishes,soup, longkang mee, bus stop mee, nasi lemak, cendol, liu wei tang shui, ling ji mee...and so many many...now only i know tampin got so many delicious food~~~
Who can delivery to me now???
haha~~x100 appreciation!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hectic Day~~~

Well, being two days slept at 3am...now really exhausted...i know,if i still continue to have this type of living style, my body sure will burst...=.=!!!

What i did in the peace and sleepy midnight??REPORT AGAIN!!! Lecturer said, if you can summit the report by monday, you will gain extra bonus 3 marks...3marks!!!wow, this 3 marks can totally save most of our lives...To fight for this 3 marks, i have not enough sleep, pimples all came out...arghhh!!!i don't want ~~~and yesterday is the worst, sleep at 3am but have to wake up at 6am...suffer~~

actually i think i manage to finish the gen chem report by sunday night...but...when i almost finish done,problem comes...i thought of my graphs got something wrong...and keep changing here and there, all the values need to change...then, result need to change,discussion need to change...arghhhh.....geram betul>>>feel like wanna knock my head to the wall....and somemore we got discussion on health care through msn...yesterday night really really......dun know how to express my feeling...just felt like dying....dying...and dying...AND, senior then told me the theory behind there...and i think my graph should be ok...discussed till 3am...zzzzz

Back to kl at 7.45am today and reached here at 11.00am...and the story haven end..i need to print out my general chemistry report and pass up before 2pm...together with organic chemistry as well...some more,we need to consult ms pei nee for health care survey questionnair before 1pm...all crash together...really tension!!! Printed out all my reports, then went to c ms pei nee, luckily our questions are not banned..^^tomorrow have to do the pre-test before post up the questions in Survey Monkey...presentation is coming soon...very soon....After that, me n su yin went back to hostel again...reaarange our report, and finally summit our report at 1.45pm...At that moment...i can say that, we are MERDEKA!!!!no reports with us now!!!although is juz a short happy moment ,about 15 min..(cause there's another practical,physiology is waiting for us at 2pm...and...another report is going to come soon), and yet..we still enjoy in that short 15 min...lolz...

k lar..i promise, will sleep early today~~~
zzz....but not now....
bye bye~~~

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 22th~~

Ermm....well, 3 weeks are going to pass....i'm really do not realise that i already been here for 3 weeks!!!wow....unbelievable!!!!

Time in uni life really fly very fast...However, is just the assignment, report, presentation,tutorial make us feel like time is flying....But, i should say that i quite like my life now...although is busy, but i make lots of friends here.They all are very nice~~

Well, again, me n su yin become classmate again!!ha...i like it!!not because we are from the same hometown, is just that we are having the same study goal. We like to finish all the reports in a short time, although is rushing, but when u look back the report u had done while eveyone is still rushing their report, then u will feel that it is worth for it!!!

UCSI,many people dun like to study at this uni, i think juz because of 1 main reason.....there are many africans..ha...am i rite??but after being here for 3 weeks, i think this should not be a problem...well, i have 2 africans lecturer, as 1 of the lecturers said...tuesday is our africans day...beacuse we r having two lectures for 3 hours with them.Honestly, 1st time having lecture with african lecturer,ha,im really dun know wat is he talking about in front there..blar blar blar~~~his slang...wow!!!but now...quite used to it ady...luckily..if not ,im really dun know how am i going to pass my organic chem and also health care subjects...

1 week will having two reports.it is quite rush,but i know i will get used to it soon....presentation is coming soon....i just hope tat everything will be fine,smooth,and PASS!!!haha....but,i wish to change my presentation group next sem....no reasons.....haiz....sometimes,anything and everything is not under our control..we must learn how to accept...but please,dun ever across my boaderline...if not...i dun know wat will i do to u....haha!!!

k lar...juz come here n crap nonsence....haha...feel a bit boring~~~
wanna continue my report....
bye bye~~

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Orientation 2009-UCSI (pharmacy)

1st day of orientation>>
all briefing~~about ptptn loan,course selection ,finance policies and all blar blar~~~
given all these brochure,i don't think we will really read through it>>>

And we do did our course selection, for this sem, our total credit hours is 17 but the following sem,either 19 or 20...getting more and more subjects to study,more and more hectic...

Then,all the lecturers were introduced to us..the lecturer said,from now onwards,there is no more spoon-fed by the lecturers...must be independent and competent in our studies~~

And we also had a campus tour..well,for me,it's not fun at all...Imagine,wearing a high-heeled shoes,climbing here and there...and now,my toes really pain~~but have to wear it EVERYDAY!!

Tmr,the last day for orientation..still wondering whether want to go or not...scare will be fooled by others>>>


Monday, June 29, 2009

Holidays E.N.D

It's almost two months never been here.
Busy??not really...is lazy...><
What had i done in these past two months?

First of all,i had stopped my working life since 22.6.2009

Next,joining a beauty course,organized by amway.
Well..is a good course for me,i had learnt lots of things from there.
Here are some pictures want to share with u all>>

1st time make up

*my cousin and i*

Then,went to mersing,my grandparents's house.
stayed 1 week at there.
i like the place veryyy muchhh...!!


*huge fish*

*forgot its name><*

*both of us again*

Next destination,SINGAPORE~~

just got one pi
c at this moment, because haven't take from my cousin><

*singapore ducktour*
we aboard a vesicle which can travel in both road n water
seeing those famous tourist sites from far afield, frankly,not really fulfill my wish.T.T
hope can go th
ere again!!!

Back from singapore, i went to kl with gangs..
~shopping time~

After that,went for dental surgeon in mahkota hospital.
wise teeth is gone..
Another wise teeth is going to take off..
sad sad sad
pain pain pain

My holidays just left 2 days
Before holidays started,the whole gangs were so excited on what are we going to do in this long holidays..
working??traveling??or rather staying at home?
these three kind of lifes i had experienced it..
my another life is coming soon..
study life!!

Got a friend asked me,what's my feeling now before entering uni life?
i told him,
happy ,exciting , sad ,worry ,nervous
All feelings mix up..
Now already suffer from insomia..how about after entering uni...??
can't imagine it..
Sometimes is good for us to withstand the stresses.
hope can cope for it>>

i'm coming~~~

Sunday, April 12, 2009




到了中学,和你都比较熟悉了。还记得我们form1的时候,玩了一个游戏,每个人回去都要出20个问答题,然后第二天早上就到学校发问别人。有一次我们在学校的“树下”玩到连上课钟声响了也不愿回班上课,结果还被Pn.Ng责骂了一顿。从此,没人愿意像你那样,陪着我疯颠玩一场了。下课时你最喜欢吃mee panas了。你不管别人怎么说你的身材,你还是会吃它,而且有时还吃两碟。你最爱在班上唱歌了,你更是王力宏的超级粉丝。我,你和clement,凯莉,我们的父母都会轮流载送我们补习。mr.goh,miss tuang的补习,有一年,你的父母还送我一个桌灯。你最爱sponge bob 了。很后悔没在你生日时送上sponge bob给你。你是我们choir对的主干,没有你的带领下,我们也不会有那么好的成绩,甚至能在州赛里拿得季军。你的歌声是那么的甜美,你的领导能力是让人敬佩。