Monday, June 29, 2009

Holidays E.N.D

It's almost two months never been here.
Busy??not lazy...><
What had i done in these past two months?

First of all,i had stopped my working life since 22.6.2009

Next,joining a beauty course,organized by amway. a good course for me,i had learnt lots of things from there.
Here are some pictures want to share with u all>>

1st time make up

*my cousin and i*

Then,went to mersing,my grandparents's house.
stayed 1 week at there.
i like the place veryyy muchhh...!!


*huge fish*

*forgot its name><*

*both of us again*

Next destination,SINGAPORE~~

just got one pi
c at this moment, because haven't take from my cousin><

*singapore ducktour*
we aboard a vesicle which can travel in both road n water
seeing those famous tourist sites from far afield, frankly,not really fulfill my wish.T.T
hope can go th
ere again!!!

Back from singapore, i went to kl with gangs..
~shopping time~

After that,went for dental surgeon in mahkota hospital.
wise teeth is gone..
Another wise teeth is going to take off..
sad sad sad
pain pain pain

My holidays just left 2 days
Before holidays started,the whole gangs were so excited on what are we going to do in this long holidays..
working??traveling??or rather staying at home?
these three kind of lifes i had experienced it..
my another life is coming soon..
study life!!

Got a friend asked me,what's my feeling now before entering uni life?
i told him,
happy ,exciting , sad ,worry ,nervous
All feelings mix up..
Now already suffer from about after entering uni...??
can't imagine it..
Sometimes is good for us to withstand the stresses.
hope can cope for it>>

i'm coming~~~


  1. life as a student is a path that everyone must go through,enjoy now or regret later...anyhow,wish u good luck!!!

  2. wtf...put so many pics of mine...=_=||||