Thursday, July 2, 2009

Orientation 2009-UCSI (pharmacy)

1st day of orientation>>
all briefing~~about ptptn loan,course selection ,finance policies and all blar blar~~~
given all these brochure,i don't think we will really read through it>>>

And we do did our course selection, for this sem, our total credit hours is 17 but the following sem,either 19 or 20...getting more and more subjects to study,more and more hectic...

Then,all the lecturers were introduced to us..the lecturer said,from now onwards,there is no more spoon-fed by the lecturers...must be independent and competent in our studies~~

And we also had a campus tour..well,for me,it's not fun at all...Imagine,wearing a high-heeled shoes,climbing here and there...and now,my toes really pain~~but have to wear it EVERYDAY!!

Tmr,the last day for orientation..still wondering whether want to go or not...scare will be fooled by others>>>


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