Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 22th~~

Ermm....well, 3 weeks are going to pass....i'm really do not realise that i already been here for 3 weeks!!!wow....unbelievable!!!!

Time in uni life really fly very fast...However, is just the assignment, report, presentation,tutorial make us feel like time is flying....But, i should say that i quite like my life now...although is busy, but i make lots of friends here.They all are very nice~~

Well, again, me n su yin become classmate again!!ha...i like it!!not because we are from the same hometown, is just that we are having the same study goal. We like to finish all the reports in a short time, although is rushing, but when u look back the report u had done while eveyone is still rushing their report, then u will feel that it is worth for it!!!

UCSI,many people dun like to study at this uni, i think juz because of 1 main reason.....there are many i rite??but after being here for 3 weeks, i think this should not be a problem...well, i have 2 africans lecturer, as 1 of the lecturers said...tuesday is our africans day...beacuse we r having two lectures for 3 hours with them.Honestly, 1st time having lecture with african lecturer,ha,im really dun know wat is he talking about in front there..blar blar blar~~~his!!!but now...quite used to it ady...luckily..if not ,im really dun know how am i going to pass my organic chem and also health care subjects...

1 week will having two is quite rush,but i know i will get used to it soon....presentation is coming soon....i just hope tat everything will be fine,smooth,and PASS!!!haha....but,i wish to change my presentation group next reasons.....haiz....sometimes,anything and everything is not under our control..we must learn how to accept...but please,dun ever across my boaderline...if not...i dun know wat will i do to u....haha!!!

k lar...juz come here n crap nonsence....haha...feel a bit boring~~~
wanna continue my report....
bye bye~~


  1. whoa...alrdy 22nd day ar? fast wan...haha. I dont even notice oh. Haha. Keep up the hardwork :) finish report earlier and enjoy life XD

  2. yalo...22th day ady..very fast...time is juz flew like a storm..hope to reach THE END day of the practical...last time very excited to enter practical lab during a-level...but now....
    yea...rushing rushing....hope can start my revision soon....T.T

  3. All the best~
    4 years to go at there~