Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Goal !!!

Still got one more week to go..but i started to worry about the coming interview..


Start to guess what kind of question will be asked.This interview is the final goal for me to study pharmacy..hopefully can become a pharmacist later.lolz.

To prepare this interview,need to study back all the chemistry notes in A-level..what's a suffer thing!!!It's quite a long time that i didn't touch my book...really..Once i open the notes,i started to fall asleep...Opps..all my memory about chemistry is gone...this whole week,is my study week..need to k book..study,study and study...

By the way,really miss my A-level life in Tarc..with my roommates and housemates (as well as classmates) in pv6.The time we joked,argued,went to college together,eat together,sleep together,study together,cooked together...Wows!!what's a wonderful life!!!maybe that's my another heaven!!I'm sure will remember the video we had made last time..sei lee,ee meei,shu pyng and i were the actress!!!lolz...

And my gang in Tarc..thanks for everythings..whithout you all,my life is blanked..hoping for a grand gathering soon...

*suyan , kahyan , soofang , meiying , eemeei , shupyng , seilee , joyce and SN8C gangs*
~Good luck in your studies and Take care~


  1. wow...not bad..
    writing in inggeris lolz...haha..
    i agree with ur opinion, after study here,i will miss my friends when long holiday..mayb v r together everyday..haha..
    anywhere,hope u can get the pharmacy offer..
    u can d..

  2. hmmm..i oso miss u all a lot..let's organize a gathering b4 everyone busy for their uni life..

  3. yea!!when is it??
    i also dun know when u all free...
    since everybody is working now....><