Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Yea!!!interview finally over already...how was it??frankly,i don't know...my feeling now-relief.No need to k book..(for this moment)",

Today wake up at 6.00am,prepare all this and that,7.00am start my journey to ucsi.Guess what time i reach there??9.30am...what's a long journey..lost along the way..kl sign board really blur..But finally can reach ucsi before my interview time,10.00am.Thanks dad for bringing me there safely!!

I start my interview around 10.00am.Surprisingly,there is only three of us to be interviewed.The environment quite stressful..Being first time to be interviewed,a bit nervous.But,no choice,have to face it also..First of all,we are given a two pages short answer question(SAQ),well,i'm not really know how to answer it..Come to oral part,there are 3 lecturers interview us.The penang gal from high school really good in english,and also my indian friend from kuantan,also good in english.How about me??honestly,i'm not really confident with myself,but then i still can answer their questions la..not so well only..haha..Just hope that can pass in this interview.

One and a half hour interview finally past..
And tonight can have a nice sleep...finally...

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